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Bottle Masala

There are many recipes for Bottle Masala which, like family jewels, are closely guarded secrets. The degree of difference in these recipes is negligible and only apparent to a trained biased palate!
The recipe below comes with a Statutory Warning -Make Bottle Masala at your own Risk!
Try and get some from a friend or relative - its easier and stress free.

I've translated the ingredient list to the best of my ability.

Bottle Masala

Dry Kasmiri Chillis - 3 Kgs
Dhaniya (Corriander) 750 gms
Haldi (Tumeric) 250 gms
Teel (Sesame) 250 gms
Khus-Khus (Poppy) 250 gms
Rai (Mustard) 250 gms
Channa (raw Gram) 250 gms
Wheat - 250 gms
Jeera (Cumin) 125 gms
Black Pepper - 125 gms
Cinnamon - 50 gms
Elachi (Cardamom) 10 gms
Clove - 10 gms
Bardian (Star Anise) 10 gms
Shah- Jeera (Caraway) 10 gms
Tiraphal (Pepper Leaves) 10 gms
Naikaisar - 10 gms
Zaipatri - 10 gms
Maipatri - 10 gms
Nutmeg - 10 gms
All Spice - 10 gms

Slow, dry roast the above ingredients.
Pound/Grind into a fine powder.
Store in clean air-tight containers. Date.

Bottle Masala should be red in color.
As it ages it may lose a little color and potency.
Hence its necessary to store it in air-tight packing.